DOCK5AI.COM : Maritime Deeptech AI

We record and manage repair information and parts replacement information so that the product life cycle of the ship, which is a valuable asset, is completed.

Introduction of DOCK5AI.COM

Dock 5 brings a more convenient future with digital transformation to ship maintenance services.

From dry dock brokerage to various repair services,The parts for each ship's main equipment are converted into a database and serviced at an appropriate time and price.

We will deliver products in any environment, including ships on the go.

We manufacture and purchase all of this in an eco-friendly way to make the world a better place.

5 Problems we are solving


Dry Dock & Repair Service

From the dock schedule information available for the ship's mid-term inspection and regular inspection schedule, to linking with major equipment repair companies, procurement of related parts, work progress, and final report on completion, a lot of complex work is required for the ship's dry dock.


Shipment Delivery with ship Tracking

Even if the parts are ready, they must go through several processes before they are delivered to the ship. Parts manufacturing, cargo preparation at the supplier, packaging, and logistics estimates to the expected destination.Continuous management is required.


Reusing product which not used

Even if there are new stock parts left in stock from the closed ship or closed.Still overproducing new products is a waste of resources and harms environmental conservation.


Small Plastic Parts producing

When small plastic parts cannot be mass-produced, when only a small amount is needed, the unit price of one piece or the time to be procured after production is often not right.

Customers to be

Shipping company
Ship management company
Wholesale supplier of various ship parts
Equipment logistics company

1 Companies that need dry docking for ship's regular inspection

2 Companies that need parts supply for ship equipment maintenance

3 Companies that transports ship supplies, equipment, and crew personal supplies directly to the ship

4 Companies that need the same manufacturing parts that are cheaper than genuine parts

5 Companies want to receive 3D printed manufacturing supply of simple plastic parts locally

Solution Background

S.Korea ranked No. 1 in the shipbuilding industry to 2014 with 100% equipment localization
Based on the technology that manufactured over 2,000 vessels
We know and use the engineering source of manufacturing and good connection with chinese original source accordingly
We will help you to maintain it efficiently.


Sep. 2020

Database of major ship equipment from 2017.Selected as a preliminary start-up package project by the Startup Promotion Agency 2020.

Dec. 2020

Ship tracking ship goods express service development.

First Half,2021

Eco ImPex
Procurement by purchasing eco-friendly parts stock.


Manufactured 3D printer ship parts.


Dry dock information, brokerage service implementation.

5th Members world wide

Team Dock Repair 5 Brothers
We have partners in six countries.

As we expand our service to world wide, You are welcome to join our 5th Member wherever you are as we have plug & play system (No office needed)

Where Dock5 members to be as ideal; We need a person for every 100 vessels management by its part supply