Product1 : M-nect

DOCK5AI.COM : Maritime Deeptech AI

M-nect predicts the parts of ship's main equipment by cycle, returns price/delivery information as advance quotation, and continuously manages it with a database.

It has prepared basic data of ship equipment of 0 Vessels 0 Items and it all will be expanded 3 times soon.
All data Mined Uniquely from Actual Inquiries.

Product2 : My Dock

DOCK5AI.COM : Maritime Deeptech AI

Ship docking and repairable dock information, dock schedule, brokerage of related repair companies, product procurement management by equipment, repair report, master report. Conveniently handles everything in dock progress.

My Dock helps hand written report at site to be converted into digital report, so deeptech inside of Repair will be revealed.
Data will be sum up to Blockchain as Database Cloud.

My Dock helps dry docking and retrofit work thru dock 5 worldwide network.